Divination Tools

Dowsing Rods

Lemp Mansion Dowsing Rods offer you the opportunity to explore the ancient art of Dowsing. You receive two handmade brass dowsing rods and instructions

$12.00 LMDR12 Quantity:
Lemp Mansion Spirit Board

The Lemp Mansion Spirit board features images of William, Sr. and William, Jr. and the names of the immediate family. The planchette is fashioned after the Lemp Beer Logo. This handmade and hand finished set might be just the thing to receive messages from the great beyond.

$45.00 Quantity:
Lemp Mansion Divining Pendulum

A new product, this Divining Pendulum can aid you in your quest for knowledge. Get the answers to your burning questions with a little help from the other side. The Pendulum and imprinted cloth divining sheet come safely enclosed in their own velveteen bag.

$25.00 dvnpn913 Quantity:

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Divination Tools

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