lemp mansion

Summer Open House/Food Tasting

Sunday, June 10th on The Lemp Mansion Patio

Bridal Open House/Food Tastings are held in the winter and summer. $5.00 for the first 2 guests and $10.00 for each guest after. There are two seating times 12:30 and 3:00, we are asking that you make a reservation for this event, we will need to know which time you would like, how many guests will be in attendance, the venue you have selected and the date of your event.

We will be offering a full buffet featuring most of the offerings from the buffet menus we offer so that you may taste the foods that are available at your upcoming event, there is also a full open well bar for cocktails.

This event is held at the Lemp Mansion patio and gazebo, 3322 De Menil. It is open to all clients who have planned events with us or clients who are looking to possibly schedule an event with us. Whether they are planning for an event at Lemps Grand Hall, Lemps Loft or an event at the Lemp Mansion patio and gazebo, all venues will be open on this day if any guests would like to visit.

This event is well-attended and there may be a limited amount of time to answer specific questions and address specific details, so we recommend that you make notes with questions about your event, and then call us to make an appointment to meet in person.

Please call us at 314-664-8024 or email us to make your reservations for our next event.

Patty Pointer patty@lempmansion.com
or Mary Wolff mary@lempmansion.com